View From The Hills

Architect Mark English first started drafting plans for a remodel of this Los Altos Hills home 10 years ago. Full Story
Updated: April 30, 2010 3:00:22 PM PDT
Living room shot
Lalit Kapoor's interest in architecture started as a child watching his eye surgeon father direct the building of hospitals in his native India.   Full Story
Mushmallow sofa by White Furniture
Orange you glad it's almost summer? We can practically smell the barbecue and taste the margaritas. In anticipation of longer, lovelier days, we heat up our surroundings with generous applications of one especially happy hue.   Full Story
Updated: April 30, 2010 4:36:06 PM PDT
Front gate of Meadowland
Landscape designer and artist Keeyla Meadows is known for her vibrant use of color. Whether she's working with plants, paint, clay or bronze she takes a bold Gaudi-esque approach to creating a personal paradise.   Full Story
Luxury outdoor kitchen with a gazebo
One of the great pleasures of summer is entertaining your friends and family in your own backyard. But entertaining typically means supplying food and drink, and dedicated hosts often find themselves running madly between the house and the patio to keep everybody happy.   Full Story
Updated: November 23, 2009 5:39:08 PM PST
A couple embrace the Japanese aesthetic when building a green home.   Full Story
What plant can become a house, furnishings or more? The answer: bamboo.   Full Story
Updated: April 28, 2010 4:39:33 PM PDT
4 white wine glass and plates
As the weather (finally) warms up and the fog is kept at bay for a more reasonable length, faces turn toward the sun and a glass of something lighter, fresher, zippier.   Full Story
table setting by Caroline Somary
SPRINGLOAF CATERING Owner: Caroline Somary Age: 39 Hometown: Born in Cheshire County, England but now lives in Lafayette. Background: Studied graphic design and moved to San Francisco to work in marketing.   Full Story

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