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Owner: Caroline Somary

Age: 39

Hometown: Born in Cheshire County, England but now lives in Lafayette.

Background: Studied graphic design and moved to San Francisco to work in marketing. Met her Swiss-born husband, Darius, who also worked in marketing but whose dream was to become a chef. He left his job to attend the California Culinary Academy, where he graduated with honors in Le Cordon Bleu Culinary Arts. In 2003, Darius founded SpringLoaf and Caroline joined him to manage the business.

Mentors: Donna Hay, the Australian equivalent to Martha Stewart but much more contemporary, and Jamie Oliver of the United Kingdom.


"Their philosophy is all about simple, honest food."

Inspiration: Both Darius and I grew up with mothers who loved to cook so good food was a way of life for us. Our families would always cook for friends rather than go out to dinner.

What motivates you: Variety. People ask why we don't start a restaurant but in catering no two events are ever the same so there's no monotony. The menu is always changing and always based on the season and the client's taste.

Your culinary philosophy: Buying seasonally, and using local products, especially organic ones.

Biggest food trend you see: More dessert bars, and a movement away from classic desserts like cakes at weddings to desserts like pies, ice cream bars, etc.

Signature dish: Beet napoleon. We've converted so many people to beets. And Cornish hens stuffed with pine nuts and cranberries.

Favorite food: Dessert, especially fruit tarts.
Most memorable event: The opening of the new library in Lafayette. We created the food based on American classics. For Huckleberry Finn, we served Southern cuisine; for Cannery Row, we had a seafood station, and for Joy Luck Club, we featured Asian-inspired dishes. The dessert station was based on Dr. Seuss books with quirky dishes like a Cat in the Hat. It was a huge success and really brought the community together.
If you weren't a caterer, what would you be: A stay-at-home mom. I have two children, 3 and 5, and one loves to eat and the other is fussy.
And when you aren't working: We're outside enjoying California. We love to camp and have the best food in camp. We even make our own marshmallows.