Eye-Fi ProX2 memory
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It looks like an elegantly minimal stand for your iPhone, but AirCurve is cleverly designed acoustic amplifier that turns your phone into a full-on sound system. Inside, a custom engineered "waveguide," requiring no power, collects sound from your iPhone's built-in speaker then amplifies it by about 10 decibels, projecting full-size speaker sound. Retails for $19.99; www.griffintechnology.com.

Photographic Memory
Photo sharing sites have made it easier to stay connected across the miles. The new 8GB Eye-Fi ProX2 memory card now makes it effortless.
BackTrack GPS
The world's most advanced memory card, it offers unlimited storage and the ability to wirelessly upload photos and videos directly from your camera using your Wi-Fi network. Priced at $150; www.eye.fi.

Forget where you parked? No problem! BackTrack is a simple GPS device that helps you navigate back to any spot with the push of a button. Save up to three locations on the pocket-sized device. When it's time to go back, it will provide the distance and point you in the right direction. Available in orange, green, pink, gray and camouflage, it sells for $69. Now if only it could tell you where you put the keys! www.bushnell.com.


Back it Up
Backing up your computer files is easy as 1-2-3 with the Clickfree C2. Just connect it to your Mac or PC and it will automatically find, organize and copy anything from photos, videos, music, and hundreds of other file types. Eliminating the need to manually copy and paste, it's available in 250 to 500 GB capacity and starts at $139; www.clickfree.com.
Jura Cup Warmer by Capresso
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Raising the Bar
Enjoy realistic surround sound without multi-components and messy wiring. Sharp's Sound Bar Model HT-SB500 provides fuller, robust virtual Dolby surround sound in a sleek design that complements the latest LCD TVs. Easy to set up, it houses left and right speakers, a center channel and subwoofer in a low-profile unit that sits under your set. Sells for $350; www.sharpusa.com.

Getting Warmer
Like your cup of Joe hot enough to melt steel? The Jura Cup Warmer can help. It's a freestanding countertop unit, featuring two individually heated cup drawers, that warms coffee cups to the ideal temperature.
Sonos Controller 200
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Featuring a programmable timer, each drawer holds 6 cappuccino cups, 4 coffee mugs or 5 espresso cups. Available for around $300. www.capresso.com.

In Control
Take control of your music collection with the Sonos Controller 200. Working along with Sonos ZonePlayers wireless music system (units beginning at $349) this remote lets you choose music from your personal library, Internet radio or music services with the flick of a finger. Priced at $349, it uses a full color display and easy to use touch screen, letting you play DJ in any room of your home; www.sonos.com.