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Front gate of Meadowland
Landscape designer and artist Keeyla Meadows is known for her vibrant use of color. Whether she's working with plants, paint, clay or bronze she takes a bold Gaudi-esque approach to creating a personal paradise.   Full Story
Patio Pleasures
One of the great pleasures of summer is entertaining your friends and family in your own backyard. But entertaining typically means supplying food and drink, and dedicated hosts often find themselves running madly between the house and the patio to keep everybody happy. Full Story

More window box tips Use plants of differing heights, texture and character, just as you do in your garden proper.   Full Story
In The Garden
The hardest thing about growing warm-season flowers is deciding which ones to actually have in your garden. Full Story

Would a modern-day Jack settle for an ordinary green beanstalk? Probably not. Instead, he'd wish for one of the fast-growing annual vines that produce gorgeous scented flowers that attract hummingbirds and butterflies.   Full Story
Fantastic Florals
If you're pulling out the stops for a soiree, then make sure your decorations - especially your floral arrangements - hit the mark. After all, when it comes to flowers, the more dramatic and eye-catching, the better.  Full Story

It's easy to dress up these garden staples.   Full Story
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